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Plan A was engaged by Amberlee Holiday Park to provide project management and expert town planning advice to assist in the facilitation of obtaining a planning permit for the Amberlee Master Plan.

This project required Plan A to work closely with the client to achieve the project objectives. A key project goal was for the master plan to appropriately responded to the sensitive landscape and the character of the immediate area.

The master plan included the creation of new lots, onsite facilities, internal access roads, road widening of a major road, native vegetation removal and replanting, and onsite stormwater management.

Approval from the EPA was also required for the use and development of an onsite waste water treatment facility.

Plan A prepared key planning reports and documentation and managed the preparation and review of subconsultant reports including; architectural plans, traffic and civil engineering, cultural heritage, flora and fauna, bushfire management, waste management, stormwater management.

Prior history of the site required the planning approval process to be undertaken via Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). This process required Plan A to brief the appointed solicitors and barrister, and to actively assist in VCAT proceedings. Specifically, this included providing advice and detail on the project and planning process, as well as preparing and providing key documentation to be tabled at VCAT.

Plan A also attended the VCAT Compulsory Conferences associated with the VCAT proceedings.
A successful outcome was achieved, and VCAT ordered that a planning permit for the Master Plan be issued at the scheduled VCAT Compulsory Conference.

Project Consultant Team:
Plan A, Rigby Cooke, Weir and Co., Ecology and Heritage Partners, Brett Lane and Associate, Ark Angels, Traffix Consultants, Rob Galbraith and Associates, Bosco Jonson.

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